Addictions Support

RU is the nation's premiere faith-based addictions program. We have launched a chapter in Sacramento and working to start more in other locations.


We are very excited about our collaboration with RU Recovery Ministries to bring the most comprehensive, fundamental, Christ-centered, Bible-based addictions programs to the CDCR system, local churches and communities. We recently launched a chapter in Sacramento, California, and we ask you to keep us in prayer as we take the necessary steps to start this program in other locations. To say it is an enormous undertaking is an understatement. We covet your prayers as we engage in this mission that we believe is going to be a key element and tool in changing lives and significantly reducing recidivism..

addictions class

An RU Sacramento Meeting

Success Stories

With over 1,000 chapters nationwide and in 26 countries, RU has an 80% success rate. In contrast, other well-known programs only have a 5% to 10% success rate. Watch RU graduates describe the transformation that has taken place in their lives.

Help Us Make a Difference

RUInside California’s amazing volunteers and supporters are working to make a difference in the lives of the incarcerated. Will you join us as we work to transform lives with the Gospel, so jails and prisons release disciples of Jesus Christ instead of repeat offenders?