The RU Plus Program

Aftercare Program

Ideal for those Scheduled for Parole or Probation

Program Overview

RU Plus is a faith-based addiction program that connects those seeking recovery with peers, leaders, and mentors who provide positive support.

We build an environment of acceptance, aiming to educate and equip our clients with the resources necessary for success. Through personal relationships, elevated structure and accountability, our clients are then able to experience a full transformation.

The RU Plus program is ideal for individuals scheduled for probation or parole. The RU Plus program can be offered as a legal alternative to court-mandated counseling or treatment programs.

Providing Support

Program In-Depth

The RU Plus program goes beyond weekly meetings. Clients are assigned challenges to complete outside of class. Clients are strongly encouraged to attend our multiple meetings/services.

A mentor is available to the client at all times for questions, support, and encouragement. Our goal is to equip each client with all the tools necessary for them to be totally free from their addiction(s).

RU Plus Provides
  • Multiple meetings and multi-level support
  • Family support
  • Peer group support
  • One-on-one mentoring and relationship building
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Positive group activities
  • Rewards system
  • Court accredited
  • More structure and accountability
  • Life-changing curriculum
  • Nursery/childcare available
  • RU Plus Requires
  • 2.5 hour weekly addiction abstinence/behavioral transformation training class
  • 1 hour weekly group mentoring
  • Journal development for the duration of the program (complete at least 4x per week)
  • Opportunities for family support (spouse, teens, children)
  • Memorize 10 Principles to develop abstinence
  • Memorize 9 Temperaments to obtain freedom
  • Meet or exceed 107 personal challenges from the core curriculum