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If you have a desire to change lives, and serve others, we invite you to consider volunteering with us.

We have positions inside and outside of jails and prisons that will enable you to make a difference in the lives of prisoners, parolees/probationers, families, and their communities.

We encourage you to look through the volunteer opportunities listed below and consider becoming a RUInside volunteer.

Inside Correctional Facilities

Volunteer Positions

These volunteer positions relate to the implementation of the RUInside program inside correctional facilities.

Directors - RUInside

RUInside directors administer the RUInside program at correctional facilities. They prepare and carry out the class schedule and lesson, recruit workers and develop them, and oversee the work of the students.

RUInside directors also build relationships with probation/parole departments in their area and with institutional staff and reach out to the families of students.

They are encouraged to have an RU Chaplain’s credential. RUInside directors play an essential part of administering the RUInside program at correctional facilities.

Group Leaders - RUInside

Group leaders play an active part of each RUInside meeting, including leading the second talk of an RUInside meeting. They help to provide counseling and encouragement to students who may be struggling and assist students with their challenges when needed.

RUInside group leaders also participate in testimony time during the first talk of an RUInside meeting and hand out awards at the end. This position is ideal for someone who wants to work directly with inmates.

Assistant Director - RUInside / RU Plus

Assistant directors for RUInside/RU+ serve at the local level. They are a designee, overseen by the local chapter director, with a specific focus on RUInside and RU+.

This person holds an RU Chaplain’s credential and helps manage the RUInside and RU+ program on the local level. They are also able to fill in as director when needed.

Assistant directors are crucial to the successful administering of the RUInside program and RU+ program.

Secretary - RUInside

RUInside secretaries assist RUInside directors with keeping accurate records as well as printing the necessary reports each week before class.

RUInside secretaries print weekly student outlines, prepare weekly award certificates, prepare monthly 300 Club awards, and order curriculum, books, and awards when needed.

RUInside secretaries play a critical role in ensuring that the RUInside program can function inside correctional facilities.

Outside Correctional Facilities

Volunteer Positions

These volunteer positions relate to work performed outside correctional facilities. Most of these positions are available at state and local offices.


Coordinators organize and oversee the activities of our organization at different locations. They help to recruit volunteers, train volunteers and develop leaders.

Coordinators also build relationships with probation/parole departments and with local correctional facilities as well as other area resources.

Coordinators are an essential part of our organization’s administrative efforts to minister to inmates, probationers, parolees, and the community.

Resource Coordinator

Resource coordinators connect soon-to-be paroling inmates, parolees, and probationers with organizations that can provide assistance for their needs.

They help locate and evaluate new resources, keep our resource database up-to-date, and identify resources appropriate for each case.

Resource coordinators are critical to ensuring that soon-to-be paroling inmates, parolees, probationers, and their families, have support as they put their lives together.

Correspondence Coordinator

Correspondence coordinators help manage the communication between correspondents and inmates. They review each letter sent and received before sending them to their destination.

Correspondence coordinators review communication between inmates and correspondents to ensure appropriate communication is transpiring and ensure the safety of our correspondents.

Our correspondence program would not be possible without the essential role they play in managing communication.


Correspondents communicate with inmates through letters, via a centralized P.O. Box, so that correspondent location information is kept confidential.

They help to provide guidance and encouragement to inmates who are seeking to communicate with someone who can mentor them.

Corresponding with inmates is an important way of helping the incarcerated without having to go inside a correctional facility and begins to establish warm relationships with the local chapter to which the inmate will eventually be paroling.

Case Manager

Case managers help manage ongoing cases involving inmates, parolees, and probationers. They assist in data entry when new cases arise and help update information about a particular inmate, parolee, or probationer as new information arrives.

Case managers also keep case participants abreast of recent and upcoming events and developments.

Case managers are an essential part of our organization’s efforts to minister to inmates, probationers, and parolees.

Outreach Liason

Outreach liaisons help to cultivate the relationship between our organization and the community. They help to promote the program and educate people about the benefits of our program.

Outreach liaisons interact with many groups, including law enforcement, community leaders, judicial officials, and legal representatives.

They are critical in helping raise public awareness about our program and how it can help people struggling with addiction and other problems.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants help assist in a variety of office roles, including keeping accurate records, communication, and scheduling.

They provide assistance to office staff, including coordinators, caseworkers, correspondence coordinators, and resource coordinators.

Administrative assistants play a vital role in managing the workflow of our offices as they serve inmates, parolees, probationers, and the public.


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